Q&A With Studio Roda

September 16, 2021.

With 39 luxurious residences set into a contemporary living environment that provides a rich suite of amenities, 515 Valencia Ave has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most intriguing new projects addresses in Coral Gables. Taking such a project from ideation to completion, however, requires a combination of experience and passion that few possess. 

To help showcase how a Villa Valencia residence could look through a designer’s eye, we worked with designer Rodrigo Albir from Studio RODA to create a special interior design concept for a standard residence. 

Here, he talks inspiration, what he loves about Coral Gables, and his design inspiration. 

1. What was your inspiration for the design? 

Our main inspiration for the design was the city of Coral Gables itself. The area was originally inspired and born from architectural styles in the Mediterranean but continues to fuse with Latin-American aesthetic qualities. This prevalent merging of styles is part of what makes the city of Coral Gables so distinctive and was a major driving force behind the overall concept of the space we arrived at. 

2. What do you like about Coral Gables? 

As a designer, I appreciate how Coral Gables has been thought out as a city. Even though a young city compared to others, strict city ordinances have kept the city’s character intact. As a result, there is a grand scale uniformity in terms of the architecture, vegetation, and city signage; in a sense, Coral Gables has a holistic design aesthetic that enhances the experience of the city to a visitor. However, what really makes Coral Gables unique in Miami is a sense of old-world mixed in with the new world, a European aesthetic with a Latin soul. 

3. How do you see that Miami Design has evolved? 

 I feel we are living through a fascinating time in Miami; due to various circumstances, the city of Miami and its surroundings are seeing an influx of people moving in from the northeast and west coast, bringing with them a sophisticated demand for design. I feel that this, coupled with South Florida’s proximity to Latin America, will push Miami design to evolve new and exciting styles, which future generations will look back at as we do to the Miami Beach of the ’30s and ’40s. 

4. What is your favorite thing about the design process? 

Developing the concept. A strong concept is the base of the entire project, and layouts out the path for which the design aesthetics, details, mood, and space programming will follow. A concept should be informed by the location, project site, and end-user; after a well-established concept, the rest will quickly fall into place. 

5. Can you describe your design aesthetic?

As a designer providing a service, I feel it is our responsibility for the aesthetic of a project to be informed directly from the client’s design needs, likes and interests; and not impose a style. Studio RODA falls under a category of firms that tend to develop modern and contemporary projects; therefore, clients interested in working with the studio have aligned interests, which is a good fit for the most part. We translate the client’s vision for their space into a beautiful reality they will live in and experience. On a personal level, I am a modernist with hints of warm minimalism.  

6. Describe how a resident would feel living in the Villa Valencia home you designed.

We wanted to bring the city’s architectural and historical influence into the space in a quiet and subtle manner. The warm and inviting tones of Coral Gables were pulled into our design concept to help shape our intention for this space: to create a place of respite and relaxation. A resident will be able to walk into their welcoming home and unwind at the end of a long day.

7. What are today’s top design trends and how are they incorporated into the Villa Valencia residence?

Since our main approach to our projects is by analyzing the architecture, the project location, and the end-user, we don’t tend to base our designs on trends as a studio. If there happens to be a correlation of details or an aesthetic related to a trend, then it is by pure coincidence; for the most part, our main goal is to create timelessness and not follow a style. Our common vision among all of our projects is to achieve a design level that will transcend through the years and always feel contemporary without feeling too new. 

About Studio Roda 

Studio RODA is a Miami-based residential and commercial interior architecture and furniture design firm. Recognized for its beautiful, yet warm and functional aesthetic, the studio synthesizes eclectic styles to create dynamic and welcoming spaces for personal residences, superior hospitality and retail. Though wholly distinct, the studio’s creations share a subtle, casual elegance underscored by quality, craftsmanship and understated glamour.

Residences Delivering Late 2021

Rediscover the possibilities of privacy, convenience and luxury in the heart of Downtown Coral Gables at Villa Valencia. Now over 65% sold and delivering late 2021, contact us today to learn more about remaining residences available. Email or call us at [email protected] | 786.627.5650 to experience everything that Villa Valencia has to offer.