Villa Valencia in Coral Gables Magazine

October 24, 2019.

Villa Valencia and it’s wellness platform was recently highlighted in Coral Gables Magazine article titled “HEALTH: the Ultimate Amenity”. by J.P Faber

From the article: “The old saying is that health is the real wealth and that no amount of riches exceeds the importance of being healthy. While that may be true, affluence is also something that can help people stay healthy, with everything from better food to top medical care.

So, why should a luxury residential lifestyle – with the help of modern technology – be anything different? When you can have anything in the world, why not make sure your habitat is uber-healthy?

That is the thinking behind developer Rishi Kapor’s strategy of equipping Villa Valencia, the latest luxury condominium rising in the Gables, with state-of-the-art technology to scrub the air and water. The Darwin system he is installing in all units also includes lighting that imitates the rising and setting of the sun. Buyers should expect nothing less, he says, for units touted as the area’s most expensive.

“Everyone wants to seek better health,” says Kapoor, founder, and CEO of development firm Location Ventures.

“So, we are using leading-edge technology to create the healthiest environment possible.” The new technology is also helping Villa Valencia capture the highest prices in the city. “We want to establish the most luxurious building in the city of Coral Gables,” says Kapoor. “We have achieved over $1,000 per square foot. There is a demand for that here.”

Kapoor does not build only high-end luxury dwellings. One of his firm’s projects is a shared living complex at 800 S. Dixie Highway, near UM, where students can pay $1,000 per bedroom. “It’s for those who can’t find housing in the urban core,” he says. But at Villa Valencia, he can afford to “cater to a clientele that is really the best of the best, from a financial standpoint.”

The Darwin system being installed is made by New York-based Delos corporation, using research from top medical facilities such as the Cleveland and Mayo clinics. The system purifies all drinking and bathing water and removes allergens, toxins, pathogens, and pollen from the air. Each room is continuously monitored for air quality.”

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