Villa Valencia in Indulge Magazine

October 21, 2020.


Lavish private cabanas are today’s hottest home amenity. Villa Valencia’s cabanas were featured in Indulge Magazine’s local real estate section in their October 2020 issue.

From the article:

“Overlooking a tranquil 78-foot resort pool and waterfall, these six private cabanas are ideal home bases to soak up some sun. Located on the property’s fifth-floor amenity deck, the cabanas neighbor the spa, wellness center, and family-style cooking kitchen and BBQ area. The two-story, 420-square-foot sanctuaries each feature a plunge pool and private rooftop sundeck. Inside, the kitchenette and full bathroom are fully customizable. This plush add-on amenity is just another way this property is offering its residents a true single-family home experience in the sky. “When you consider that you own the space, you’re not sharing it with anybody else, and you have the ability to decorate at your taste, it’s a little extension of your life,” says Rishi Kapoor, CEO of Location Ventures, who is developing the 39-unit boutique condominium in Coral Gables. Arriving Summer 2021. Priced at $295,000″

Villa Valencia brings together world-class services, cutting-edge technology, sophisticated design and a passion for nature in one limited collection of stately residences.

Villa Valencia in Indulge

A sense of place. An air of history. A feeling of belonging. No other residential experience in South Florida provides all of this quite like Villa Valencia. In the heart of Coral Gables – a deeply rooted community of exceptional beauty and wonderful people – a unique lifestyle offering is taking shape.

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