Villa Valencia in Reforma

March 2, 2021.


Villa Valencia recently appeared in the Reforma publication titled “Mexican Real Estate Buyers in Miami”

From the article

In the last 2 years, Mexicans have increased their interest in buying a home in South Florida.

From being the tenth among foreign home buyers, Mexicans reached fourth place among real estate investors, according to the National Association of Real Estate Agents.

For Mexicans, the sales price and the need to search
safe haven investments in a context of economic and financial uncertainty, explained Jorge Uribe, sales director of the Villa Valencia project.

“This trend is presented, to a large extent, in the face of the political and economic instability that Mexico is currently experiencing and the social uncertainty that is maintained by Covid-19, therefore, more and more Mexicans are turning their gaze towards safer areas that allow them to safeguard their capital ”, he stated.

“They are thinking not of moving, they are buying it almost as insurance.”
He explained that in Miami, home seekers can acquire a 3-bedroom home with an investment of almost 1.7 million dollars. Valencia added that the profile of the buyers is not only families with prominent fortunes, but also entrepreneurs, especially from the industrial segment.

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