Villa Valencia in South Florida Agent

March 18, 2021.

Villa Valencia was recently mentioned in South Florida Agent article titled “Spike in Miami condo sales bodes well for new developments” highlighting the recent high-end luxury condo sale boom of 2021.

From the article:

Rishi Kapoor, CEO of Location Ventures, is the developer of Villa Valencia, a high-end condominium project in Coral Gables. 

Kapoor said there is a migration of wealthy buyers from other states like New York and California, who are flocking to Miami. This creates a demand for luxury condos, he said. 

“Buyers are looking for more space,” said Kapoor. 

“The pandemic accelerated the trend of buyers to migrate to South Florida. Buyers enjoy the lifestyle,  weather, and tax effect. There is no income tax in Florida, unlike some other states. The savings will help to buy the condo unit,” he said. 

Many high-end condos also have health and wellness features. “We work with Delos, out of New York, to provide our buyers with Circadian Rhythm Lighting, air and water purification systems. They are smart home equipped, furniture ready, and in a tropical setting,” Kapoor said. Location Ventures is also launching a project in Fort Lauderdale. They have both local and international buyers. Latin America and Mexico are big feeder markets, said Kapoor.

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Villa Valencia is redefining the standard of Coral Gables living in a limited collection of stately residences.

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