Villa Valencia in South Florida Business

April 15, 2020.


Villa Valencia was featured in South Florida Business & Wealth article titled “Pandemic could spur more moves to South Florida”.

From the article:

The COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate the ongoing trend of wealthy Northeasterners moving to South Florida, some developers and brokers are predicting.

“The coronavirus pandemic is creating an existential awakening for many out-of-state investors, which is redefining South Florida real estate,” said David Siddons, an executive director with Douglas Elliman. “As coronavirus continues to elevate awareness of the fragility of human life and the importance of ‘seizing the day,’ trends that have been emerging the past decade are gaining newfound momentum.”

Adding to the weather, lifestyle, pricing and tax advantages to South Florida: Those working from home during the pandemic are realizing that technology, such as Zoom, could make them productive working in South Florida. Transplants also may feel more comfortable in a less dense urban area, he said.

The article cites several South Florida developers, including Location Ventures’ Rishi Kapoor, highlighting the benefits of Villa Valencia. It quotes:

Villa Valencia, a recently launched 39-unit residential development in Coral Gables is the first U.S condominium project to partner with Delos’ Darwin, a pioneering intelligence network that delivers clean, fresh air, energizing light and pollutant-reduced water. The system is accessed at home through a touchscreen panel and remotely on a mobile app. Villa Valencia has 39 units costing up to $10.5 million.

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