Villa Valencia in South Florida Business & Wealth

February 23, 2022.

Villa Valencia was recently featured in South Florida Business & Wealth article titled “Would You Like Cupping, Mobility Assessments and Pain Management to Go With That Apartment?”

The responses to two years of pandemic living have been manifold. One side effect has been that homeowners have become focused both on a healthier work/life balance—and turning their homes into sanctuaries of wellness. From the increased appearance of home gyms and yoga pavilions to air filtration systems, the home has become even more cocoon-like and restorative.

The message from Villa Valencia, an ultra-luxe condominium in Coral Gables delivering in early 2022 (and a record-holder for most expensive condo sale in the area, for $6.5 million), is that you don’t have to configure your healthier home alone. The project’s developer, Location Ventures, led by CEO Rishi Kapoor, is offering wellness services through an innovative program called Elevate Wellness. Packages range from $2,000 to $1,200 and offer everything from space organization and curated nutrition plans to physician-led health evaluations. The initiative focuses on yoga, medical qi-gong and Eastern wellness practices such as acupuncture—even for dogs, and there are grooming services available as well.

For example, the Pulse program ($1,200) entails a physician-led health evaluation, a nutritional assessment, a functional movement assessment and a health coaching assessment. Element ($1,200) includes a physician-led health evaluation and assessment, one medical qi-gong session, four acupuncture treatments and two sets of vitamin B complex injections. Elevate ($1,750) features a comprehensive program of a physician-led health evaluation and assessment, acupuncture treatment, a dietitian-led consultation, a cooking masterclass, a personalized 1-2-1 yoga class, a functional movement assessment and a pain management body rolling masterclass with exercise balls. At the top end, Villa ($2,000) is sure to relieve tension, both mentally and physically: It includes a space organization assessment, a 7-hour space organization service and two 90-minute therapeutic bodywork sessions.

A la carte services include both the familiar and the unexpected: cupping, mobility assessments, pain management, oncology support bodywork and auriculotherapy—a method of diagnosing and treating diseases by stimulation of specific acupoints on the external ear, which includes electrical stimulation and acupoint acupressure, plus the use of different type of needles, seeds and magnetic balls.

In addition, tangible salubrious amenities abound: Villa Valencia offers an extensive portfolio of physical offerings such as a resort-style pool, personal cabanas, hydro plunge pools, steam showers and saunas, a hammam and a cucina. In that way, a seamless wellness experience—which segues from enhanced inner serenity to soothing physical spaces—can be had.


Rediscover the possibilities of privacy, convenience, and luxury in the heart of Downtown Coral Gables at Villa Valencia. Now over 65% sold and delivering late 2021, contact us today to learn more about remaining residences available. Email or call us at [email protected] | 786.833.9141 to experience everything that Villa Valencia has to offer.

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