Villa Valencia in The New York Times

September 15, 2020.

Villa Valencia was recently mentioned in The New York Times article titled Meet the New Caregiver: Your Home which highlights how new technology is allowing homeowners to outfit their bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms with tools to monitor their health.

From the article:

There is perhaps no real estate buzzword more worn out than wellness, which now seems to apply to any number of features, including yoga rooms, vertical gardens, vitamin C-infused showers and ambient lights. But over the past decade — as wireless-enabled wearable technology has allowed us to track our heart rates and sleep cycles from wristwatches, as artificial intelligence’s capacity has grown exponentially and as smart-home features have become de rigueur — some of the wealthiest homeowners are embracing a new kind of wellness.

This trend, which involves high-priced, high-tech upgrades to bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen appliances, allows those who can afford it to keep tabs on their health.

Villa Valencia is the first condominium in the United States to debut Darwin by Delos technology in every residence, offering it to buyers since early 2019.

Delos, a New York City-based start-up released in 2018 a custom home wellness intelligence technology, called Darwin. It has also collaborated with the Mayo Clinic on the Well Living Lab, a research center studying the connection between human health and the spaces we live in.

“We’re all spending over 90 percent of our lives indoors, in our homes, office and schools,” said Paul D. Scialla, the founder and chief executive of Delos. And with Covid-19, Mr. Scialla said, homeowners are monitoring their baseline health with new urgency.

“What this has done,” he said, “is get everyone to understand that what surrounds us matters, what we touch matters, what we breathe matters and how we gather indoors matters.”

Delos has outfitted and certified buildings including several mega hospitality chains, public schools and an array of single-family homes with the technology as well as number of new luxury condo complexes — including Villa Valencia.

“When we were cave men and we lived outside, our bodies and brains were controlled by the sun,” said Jan Vitrofsky, the founder of HEDSouth, a technology company that installs wellness-tracking devices, including Darwin, in custom homes and is a partner vendor at Villa Valencia. “Now the air is horrible, and the air inside a space is horrible.”

Among the tools Mr. Vitrofsky uses in his work: air-purification systems that remove impurities, pathogens and (for a steeper price) particles that carry viruses; custom water filters based on local aquifer data; and dawn-simulation lighting that mimics natural sunlight.

Read more about the system from the New York Time article here and explore more about DARWIN technology, offered in each residence at Villa Valencia here.

Health Starts at Home

Each Villa Valencia residence is equipped with the DARWIN by Delos system to provide natural solutions to improved living environments. Contact our sales team today to learn more about this leading home wellness offering.