Villa Valencia Mentioned in Miami Agent Magazine

June 14, 2019.

Special thanks goes to Miami Agent Magazine for featuring Villa Valencia in their article titled “Cover story: What’s next in Miami’s luxury home market”

“I always am sure to point out that we are bringing a condo to Coral Gables, not Miami,” said Rishi Kapoor, whose development firm Location Ventures launched sales on a new 13-story luxury condo property in the Gables, Villa Valencia, earlier this year. Kapoor stresses to buyers and business partners that while Villa Valencia and much of Location Ventures’ portfolio is in Coral Gables or Coconut Grove, not far from the most glamorous parts of the city that are generally associated with Miami, the Gables is a community all its own. That often resonates with buyers, Kapoor said, who are increasingly gravitating toward markets away from the shore and downtown.

“The Gables and Coconut Grove bring a different buyer than other dense condo environments of Miami,” Kapoor said. “It’s catering to people who want to simplify their life in a large-format condo environment. They don’t want a dense high-rise environment, but they don’t want to compromise on size.”

Like Merrick Manor, Kapoor said Villa Valencia is attracting buyers who are empty-nesters or plan to downsize. Although, in reality, the tower’s 39 units are hardly modest in size or scope: they range from 2,616 to 3,276 square feet for a three- or four-bed listing, all the way up to a 6,263 square-foot penthouse (not counting the included 4,646-square-foot private terrace and pool). Prices start at $1.65 million for the smallest listings and climb as high as $10.5 million for the penthouse.”

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